The main aim of the website, ‘Ben Jonson’s Works (1640): Marking the Second Folio’, is to introduce a copy of the Second Folio of Jonson’s Works, now held in Special Collections at Reading University Library, which has been extensively marked in ink by an early modern reader, and to show how these marks can be understood as part of a wider practice of marking or writing in books in the early modern period. The site includes both page images and transcriptions of the opening Act of the first play, Every Man in his Humour, found in the first volume of the Second Folio, to give a sense of the nature of the markings across the two volumes of Jonson’s Works.

I would like to thank Special Collections at the Reading University Library for permission to use the images on this site. For further information on my research interests go to The Early Modern Research Centre and our research activities page.


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